Leonard Spicer was born in the east end of London, England and inherited his gift from his paternal grandmother, who was very instrumental in early training and development of his gift.

Len has been sensitive for as long as he can remember. Len has sat in various séance circles which include both home and church circles. He offers over 40 years of experience in areas of mediumship, in home and open circles. He has served various organizations in North America and the U.K.

Len comes from an engineering background employed by several international companies. Len is widely known for his lectures and public demonstrations of mediumship, which covers proof of survival and self-improvement.

Readings are available on Thursday evenings, all day Fridays, and weekend readings can be arranged.

Due to the out break of Covid-19 all Mediumship Development/Physical Classes are delayed until further notice.

Stay Safe

Thank you for your support

What Len has to offer:

Private readings - proof of survival, covering guidance and matters over personal difficulties such as grief

Private contact and absent healing

Workshops - covering a wide range of subjects

Meditation and Mediumship Development classes - junior, advanced and all levels

Church services offered