About Len

In Canada he sat in a physical mediumship circle and when it disbanded, was invited to become the Medium of a rescue circle, both of these circles were home circles. In the early 1970’s he joined a Spiritualist Church in Hamilton.

Then during the 1980’s he spent many years teaching development of mediumship to all levels in Great Britain and North America. He is kept busy serving those organizations where the tenets of Mediumship are held in t he very highest degree. Len of course is a distant relative of W.Henry Spicer (g.g.great uncle) the author of the book on Spiritualism “Sights and Sounds” (The Mystery of the Day) , first published in 1853. Material from which Sir Arthur Conan Doyle referred to, and quoted by Harry Boddington in his book “The University of Spiritualism”

In 2007, Len  became recognized for his gift by his family at a very early age of about 3 years old.  Then in adult life with guidance from his spirit teacher “John” who he had known all his life, however he physically viewed him about the age of 7 years when living in Wales. Len has become well known as a gifted teacher, lecturer, and healer. His reputation for excellence in the field of Mediumship has made him one of the foremost Mediums around today. He now teaches development and mediumship at his home in Kitchener, Ontario, where he also sits in his private physical circle for materialization and direct voice.

For further information contact : leonard.spice123@gmail.com