Photograph Gallery Notes

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Please take notice and understand that when you view the photograph gallery that you appreciate what has taken place. These photos while untouched #10-15 contain phenomena of spirit visitors, also colours and the distortion are brought about by the spirit energy and power, in photos #10-16 with the exception of photographs #1 & 9 (which are used for comparison only the rest are very rare).

It is often the opinion of enquirers of the subject that mediumship offers evidence that is vague; there is a difference between mediumship and psychic matters. This view is so far from the truth that in reality, mediumship when demonstrated is extremely accurate in all details of truth. These photographs go part of the way to prove this fact. However, with experience and or development all opinions often change.

  • Image #1

    Born Peter Juliani (also known as Peter of Spain) in Lisbon Portugal in 1215. He is the only Pope to have been a physician in his “Thesaurus Pruperum” he gives a remedy for the diseases of the body including his pre and post coital contraception, offering advice on birth control. He also wrote the “Summulea Logicales” a reference manual on “Aristotel Logic”. He was also accused of being a magician.

    Educated at the Episcopal School in Lisbon, then at The University of Paris. He taught medicine at the Sienna University (Italy) he became a physician to Pope Gregory the tenth. In 1272 he was made Archbishop of Braga, in 1273 he became Cardinal then Pope John XX1 in 1276, he died in on the 20th of May 1277, in the Papal Palace at Vertibo. He was buried in the Duomo Divertibo where the tomb can still be seen.

    In “The Divine Comedy” Dante sees Pope John XX1 in the heaven of the sun with the other spirits of great religious scholars.

    When you're viewing this picture #1 compare it to picture #2 you will see on the left side of my Mother the face of my teacher John.

  • Image #2

    This photogrpgh contains contains the figure of John of Sienna at Mother's left shoulder and above, the spirit of Julia who lost in life at age 4 years. Len is 7 years old, just before the bombing blitz of London, my Sister was aged 4 years. I was dressed in a sailor?s suit, partly because my Mother’s Father was a boson in the Merchant Navy, and was killed in 1914-1918 war when my mother was only 3 years old, his name was Charles Robert Wade. His name is not found under British Military personnel, for he was Merchant seaman, sailing under the New Zealand flag (a long sad story)... It was a bright warm sunny March 1st the day I was born, at a small maternity hospital on Commercial St. at the rear of the Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel Rd. London E1. This hospital was the centre of the film The Elephant Man (Joseph Merrick)

    My many memories go back: - I remember being weighed on a baby’s scale, in baby?s and antenatal clinic, held in Knapp Road School on Bow Common. At the age of 3-4 years with my friend Derek Gardner we would hold onto the tail boards of the carts drawn by the Shire horses. When, one day hanging on a cart I heard a voice say go home (the voice of my teacher), so I let go, with some stumbling, followed by Derek, who asked why are you going home, when I told him I have to go, he replied I’m staying it’s fun, Derek was killed shortly after. Ada Tomkins, was a great Aunt, the wife of Freddie Tompkins my Granny Wades brother who was killed in Ireland during the uprising. Ada, would have one of her daughters come to our house, at # 1 Hawgood St. to ask my Mother if I could go to her Mother’s house on Box Street, to talk to her dead husband Freddie. After I had finished giving off to her, she would give me a penny, I often wondered why Ada wanted me, for my Granny Spicer who used give sittings, lived on Gale St. in the same block. As I got older I knew, The Voice many, many years later introduced its self as John, later as John of Sienna.

  • Image #3

    My other Granny, was Emily Wade, however she was always known as Pat, in this photo she is shown in the garden. Granny Wade could tell some wonderful stories that included ones about my Grandfather Charles Robert.

  • Image #4

    My Number 1, Granny Margaret Spicer nee Stevens “Gran on Bow-Common” was known as Maggie. My Granny Wade used to say when I was small that Mag Spicer was the most beautiful woman on Bow-Common, if my Dad’s sisters were anything to go by she would be correct.

  • Image #5

    This photo of me was taken when I was 17 years old in the street market, Petticoat Lane, a world famous Sunday street market. Don’t laugh at the outfit, as an apprentice tool maker and throughout my career in England I was nicknamed ”The gentleman engineer“.

    I would wear the suit to work and then change into my work clothes, when I got to work. Those of you that have seen me work on the lectern demonstrating will know some of us never change.

  • Image #6

    This photograph is of a sketch drawing by Coral Polge, the psychic artist, when she demonstrated her psychic art with Scottish Medium Lindsay Findletter, at the S.A.G.B. in Belgrave Square in London England, in 1985.

    I was invited my Coral to work with them. Coral Polge was married to the famous Spiritual healer, Tom Johanson, and was the secretary of the S.A.G.B.

  • Image #7

    This service was conducted by my friend of long standing Rev. James Kinnear. My sponsor is Patrick Yeoman, Vice President of The First Spiritualist Church of Galt.

    The service was held at The East Hamilton Spiritualist Church. Note the orbs on Patrick they contain faces.

  • Image #8
  • Image #9

    This photo was taken by Maureen after serving Jocelyn Spiritual Church in Glasgow Scotland, around 2006. Note the buildup of the features of spirit under the sweater I’m wearing, and the orb on my arm showing a face.

  • Image #10

    This photo was taken in the foyer of our condo in St. Catharines 2003.

  • Image #11

    This photo with an ”orb“ on my right, with me is my Sister Sylvie and Bother-in-law John Sams. This photo was taken on a day that was cloudy and dull in 1985, compare with the next photo taken this time with Vera McDonald and my Sister.

  • Image #12

    Vera is shown on my right at “The Volunteer” a pub on the bank of the river at Waltham on Thames. Vera was the leader of the home circle that was held, in the home of Tom and Marge Greasley at their house up the mountain in Hamilton Ontario.

    Vera McDonald is on my right and note the lack of any orb present.

  • Image #13

    This photograph was taken by Vera McDonald nee Holt, at my sister’s house in “Esher” Surrey England in 1985. Vera’s family originated from Barrow-in Furness Cumbria England, her Mother Isabel and her Father Fred were physical mediums in Hamilton Ontario.

    P.S. In the photo Psychic Rods you will notice the “Orb” at my left Shoulder.

  • Image #14

    This next set of 5 photos were taken by Elizabeth Ferguson the well-known healer in East Hamilton Spiritualist Church, where these photos were taken.

    Circled, in front, two spirit visitors one very clear and the other not quite clear, also at the top of the photograph, a spirit visitor with a beard and head wear.

  • Image #15

    Shows spirit at the arrow, in front of Leonard on the platform. Notice a member of the congregation in this photograph sits with a “spirit Cardinals cap” on his head.

  • Image #16

    Note: No Cardinal’s cap as in the previous picture.

  • Image #17

    Viewers please understand these photos are demonstrating the abundance of energy in the Church. They are not distortions through the camera.

  • Image #18

    Viewers please understand these photos are demonstrating the abundance of energy in the Church. They are not distortions through the camera.

  • Image #19

    The recess in the fireplace has always been empty,and it was when the photograph was taken. The bust was evident when we looked at the memory card to have the pictures developed.