These testimonials are examples of many favourable comments which have been received. I wish to thank all for the many kind comments.





May 21, 2020

I’ve been praying everyday to the Lord also Dr.Reynolds for their help because I was just so fatigued because of the GERD.

I didn’t know what to do with myself anymore. I haven’t my fibromyalgia aches for ever. It’s been so a relief.  Thank you so much Len and Dr. Reynolds !

I’m feeling so much better these days.



May 21, 2020

Hello Len,

Thank you Len,

I’m feeling good, my hip gives a bit of trouble sometimes it stops me having the walks.  No heartburn anymore feels normal.

Lost weight sitting now at 205 lbs doing well.  No more reflux happening. Have a had a great few days.

J.D. ………..St.Louis, Missouri


May 21,2020

I’ve been feeling so much better with no headaches, prior to my menstrual time

Thank you Len for your treatments along with Dr. Reynolds I very much appreciate it.

L.M………….Kitchener Ontario

May 14, 2019

Thank you Len,

You’re an inspiration into Mediumship, great to hear you giving a lecture again.  Wished you lived closer to me.  Your teacher Dr. Reynolds works wonders he has visited me in my sleep often and helped me tremendously.  I thank you for that.

Margaret……..Glasgow Scotland

June 3, 2019

Hi Len,

To let you I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the healing your spirit teachers gave my Sister during her cancer.  Words aren’t enough for my appreciation.

P.S. ……….Burlington

June 4, 2019


An update for you.  The shrinkage tumour is small amount, the other tumours are definitely not getting bigger.  No bad news, appetite has improved a lt and my legs feel better.

Thank you


June 4, 2019


Letting you know how I’m feeling thank you so much for healing from Dr. Reynolds.  My knee feel so much better, also the burning feeling between my shoulder blades feels awesome.  I had good results the very next day.


July 3, 2019


Just wanted to take a moment this morning and thank you for your healing energy also Dr. Reynolds healing energy, woke up this morning feeling quite amazing I am truly blessed to have found you.

Thank you


August 16, 2018


My right hip is doing so much better as I am now able to lay on that side and walk up the stairs much better and getting out the car is so much better .  Thank you and Dr. Reynolds for me as I don’t know what I would do without you both.

Thanks Again


August 1, 2018

Hi Len,

I had been watching what I ate  and cutting back for the most of mid week.  Over the weekend I crashed and burned, I had a bad relapse.  Good news is my blood tests have been good. I continue to do my stretches.  Have an appointment today at the YMCA to discuss a program called Diabetic Fit. I  have applied and received discount to join YMCA for swimming just have to discuss what time works for me in September.  So excited that the goal is being achieved, this will help me greatly to a path of better health and eating.  My feet  are nit as numb.  The callus on large  toe, acts up when not wearing air cast.  Just had a brace for right foot, so adjusting to wearing the shoe on my right foot.  It’s amazing  the help I’m receiving.  I seem to not want chocolate (except on a bad night then I didn’t enjoy it).  I think Dr. Reynolds has affected my previous desire for chocolate.

Thanks for everything


March 4 2018


My legs are doing wonderfully well thanks to Dr. Reynolds.  I am now having trouble with my left knee, any help I can receive would be appreciated.  Hope Dr. Reynolds is able to help me with my left knee as he helped so much with pain in the back of my legs they no longer bother me. Thank you for all your help and continued support, also on advice on loosing weight I will harder on working on that.

Thank you,


March 2018

Hello Len,

Dr. Reynolds is so right!

Thank you for your ongoing support.  It is so positive thing to have you in my corner.

Enjoy your day.

S.M…. Bracebridge

Dec 12, 2018


My kidney functions been as low as 19%. I have started taking Omega 3, also making changes to my diet, as was given to me by Len’s teacher Dr. Reynolds.  On Dec 14, 2018, to let you I have more energy in the last few days, also not napping during the day. I appreciate all the advice and healing that Dr, Reynolds has given me, again thank you.


D.B. Bracebridge

Nov 20, 2017


As requested from Spirit, this is what I usually eat, mostly chicken fish and organic fruit and veg. a pretty plain diet. Thanks to Dr. Reynolds, I will be looking at natural foods to keep down the acid down in my system. I also don’t eat anything with MSG it is too hard on my stomach.  On the thirtieth of this month, I want to let you know how much better I feel. Having  Crohn’s  disease I have followed what Dr. Reynolds has suggested and I am feeling so much better every day.  God bless you and Dr. Reynolds, he has his work cut out for him as this has been 30 years in process.

T. M. ……Bracebridge

Nov 2, 2018

Dear Mr. Spicer,

Thank you so much for everything you have and are doing for me. After your phone call I realized that the morning following Dr. Reynolds visit when I got up I became aware my feet felt better just didn’t connect it.  Since then every day my feet so much better.  It has been a couple of months since the start of my healing which has included other complaints.  Happy to say both feet numbness and the Rheumatoid Arthritis in my joints has much improved.  I’m doing great !!  It was a pleasure to meet you and attend your course at Rockway Community Centre in Kitchener.

Thank you so much

K.K. ……..Kitchener

Sept 3, 2017

The Natur0path I have been attending told me on my last visit there was a 15% improvement in my condition in one week. Nov 6 Feeling good, I believe things on the health front are improving.  Thanks for thinking of me.

J.L ……Bracebridge

July 7th, 2017

Hi Len & Maureen,

I just wanted to say how appreciative and grateful I am that you both came into my life when you did.  Your kindness, acceptance and teachings gave me strength and courage at a time in my life where there was hardly none.  You have also opened my eyes to a whole otherworld I only suspected existed and thus answered questions I’ve had since I was very young.  Your abilities, knowledge and willingness to help others are qualities that, since I’ve met you, I’ve aspired to live up to and be as well.  I will be forever grateful.  Thank you for all you have done to help me and many others I know cherish you both as well.

M. Florida

June 26, 2017

Hi Len & Maureen,

I am writing to thank Len so very much for the healing he has sent to my daughter.  Her miscarriage has put her in a deep depression and was getting very anxious every month wondering when she was going to be pregnant again.  Listening & watching everyone around her announcing they were pregnant caused so much stress in her life.  Not that she wasn’t happy for them but was always saying “why not me ?”.  I am a good person, what am I doing wrong.  She was loosing hope.

Your healing has made her life change.  I cannot express enough thanks, for all you have done to help her through this difficult time.  I listened to you and spent time with my daughter that day you spoke to me and every word you said is true.  I am grateful you were there for my daughter & myself that day and everyday that passed up to her pregnancy.  Yes!! She is pregnant.  I now have my daughter back and her infectious smile.:)    You are truly a great person of healing and hope.  Your spiritual guidance and strength will never be forgotten. Your healing and healing from others that have watched over her has made us realize never to give up hope.

A.W. St. Catharines

July 16, 2014
This is a confirmation of evidence offered from Astral Projection. Thank you so much for your work. He used to tell me he had “visitors” His Grandmother who passed used to visit often but then she would be there before another family member would pass (great grandparents etc.) and it made him nervous as a child that whenever she would come someone he knew would die and he was afraid it would happen to one of us so he told her to stop coming. He is very spiritual but at that age HE wants to be in control and questions his belief system. Yes he has his “personal space” in the basement with a living space with TV and games etc. It is unfinished but he has some privacy there. I hope he continues to use his free will to improve as well. He is increasingly more positive as he is growing up….he needs to let go of the past that no longer serves him. Thank you for your continued work…
R.L. Kitchener

June 10, 2014
Len how are you and Maureen doing ? Connie, Nicole and I are missing you both, others are also missing you. We hope you both the best. Thank you for the healing you sent for my son-in-law, and my son E. He is getting help for himself, he is also going for job search. With your help I know E. will make it. Thank you for everything you done Len.
We love you both
G.M. Hamilton

May 2011
Hi Len, Man you were really in the groove that was the best example of mediumship I’ve seen in a looonnnggg time well done ………..Thanks

May 2011
Dear Mr. Spicer, I’m sending you my deepest appreciation for the messages you relayed to my friend from her people on the other side. My friend left a career she loved as a performing arttist on Broadway, New York to provide sole care and support for her Mother, who was deeply ravaged by cancer. It was a profound source of comfort and relief for her to hear from her family on the other side (Her Mother) . My friend friend used words like uplifting, interesting, and right on the money, as I noticed the change on her face. Thank you again for bringing through the words of consolation and hope.
Regards…………….. M.A. B.
Hamilton Ont.

April 2011
London Spiritualist Church. Our thanks to Len Spicer for an infromative presentation on the legendary medium Arthur Ford. Len also delivered some profound and meaningful messages from spirit…………………….Thank you Len

April 2011
Hi Len, Sunday in London it was my first time to the Church. I thought I would just let you know I enjoyed your talk. Your mediumship is incredible but I should have known a fellow Pisces. Once again it was awesome; Mr. Spicer is a true talent……..

Thanks…………………..S. P. T. London Ont

March 2011
Dearest Len, Bless your soul you had another birthday I miss you both. It is with sadness that I share with you that my fiance passed on the 20th of March. Please know that your teachings have been such a girft to me, especially through this tragic time as we know time heals all wounds.

I think of you often…..J. W. Kitchener Ont.

March 2011
Hi Len & Maureen I heard your wrok was very well received on your visit here. If you wish to give us another date and another workshop in the future that would be great. They were saying at lunch to-day how much they liked you and enjoyed your work at the Church……..
Much Love……………….S. G. Ottawa

Dec 2010
Hi Len, I wanted to thank you for all your support and guidance I’m finally coming out of my shell, for a long time I was fearful of showing my name or myself. What a change in me, I feel I have found my wings, your words of encouragement are always with me.
You are truly an earth angel……..
Love & Peace…………….R. G. MIdland , Ont

Nov 2010
Hi Maureen, Just wanted to let you know Rachel is home from the hosptial. She is still swollen, bruised and sore, but did not require any surgery she is still weak but has managed a few steps every day.
…………….. …………….. B. B. St. Catharines Ont

Nov 20, 2010
Dear Len & Maureen, I’m the lady from your Ottawa workshop Len you mentioned about my foot problems and told me my running shoes were no good to me , I already knew this. You gave me a message about the type of shoe I should wear and just as you predicted my feet are not as painful anymore. Thank you from the bottom of my heart……………..
Love & Light D. Ottawa

Nov 3, 2010
Hi Len, I just wanted to let you know when I first met you at my Dad’s home at Springdale Park. You informed me of an electrical problem in the kitchen of my new house. The problem now awaits the electrician. You also informed me of health concerns (heart) with my husband he has now two heart stints. The little girl in the red dress was me , that you saw with my sister. The dress was white, an older boy threw a stone at me I ducked and the stone cut the side of my nose open. By the time I was driven to the doctor, to get stitched up the dress was red. It was these events that you raised and more! that has brought a strength and calmness from the healing experience with Spirit. Please give my best to Maureen With Love and Prayers J. V Fergus

Oct 13 2010
J. wrote : “You were very popular last night at the Church. You help a lot of people : I look forward to seeing you on Sunday …… J. H. Hamilton

October 3, 2010
Hi Len & Maureen, It’s N. I was on the flight with you from London to Toronto, (driving you, mad probably !!!!) I just wanted to say how fabulous it was to meet you and please thank you rguide Len for the advise, I have made a lot of decisions . I am having a wonderful time, it is idyllic here !

I hope you both got home safely. You are both such lovely people and I feel privileged to have met you both. Well I am on my cousins computer (not my email address) and just thought I would have a look at the website of your’s, it is intriguing! You may well hear from my cousin, she is interested in getting a reading from you. Anyway just wanted to say “Hello” will try and keep in touch. Take care N. N. Cardiff Wales

September 13, 2010 Hi Len, wanted to send you a big thank you for all the support and healing sent to my daughter, and mother. You are an amazing medical healer, your ability to diagnose and describe the process of healing that someone who is sick must go through is absolutely astounding. Lucky are those, who are fortunate to come across the information and healing that you provide for them. The detailed medical outcomes that you provide only confirm that you are truly one of the best mediums of our time. xoxoxo A.P Oakville

“Hello Len, you are such a busy and giving person that I assumed this is the easiest way to approach you. I just want to let you know how much I enjoy the classes and thank you for your wisdom and insights. I appreciate all the guidance you have to offer. Thanks Karen “

K.B. Kitchener

April 11, 2010
Hi Maureen, I attended Bracebridge Church this evening. Yes, I would like a reading but I think I can make it for a face to face meeting. I was wondering if Len has time on Thursday June 3, in the evening . I will be going through town on my way to Windsor and I will stay the night in Kitchener. (It’s funny I felt like I was on TV with John Edwards, or James Van Praagh when Len came to me, it was beautiful) and I can’t wait for an hour reading. ( I never wanted it to stop.) Please let me know your address and phone number. Thank you J. J. K..Bracebridge

March 15, 2010
“Dear Len, I saw the video to-day of your lecture on the Fox Sisters. It looks great !! Yesterday was a great day at the Hamilton Church. I want to say again that you were really in the zone. The energy of spirit present was magnificent !”
Love C.P.

11th Dec 2009
“Hi Len, I’m feeling a lot better. My doctor was more reasonable this time so we will have to see what happens. Len’s advice helped me quite a bit, my energy level went up within a week. Looking forward to seeing you Sunday”
Love J.C. Hamilton

January 1, 2010
Dear Len, I hope all is well with you and Maureen and that your Christmas and New Years were a success. All is well here and we are moving briskly into 2012, I think… Recently I had an early morning dream, that I saw you holding my feet and healing them (they have been quite pain filled, lately.) Somehow, I knew it wasn’t you doing the healing. Why did Spirit use you image to heal me? Love C. C.P. Kitchener

9th Dec 2009
“Hello Maureen, I am hopeful this note finds you and Len well. My tailbone is significantly better, thank you for asking. I am thinking the energy from Monday’s Circle might have something to do with it ! Please thank Len for me in regard to his Teacher”s taking care of Rolston. There is a calmness that has settled into the house. I am looking forward to hearing about the potluck on Monday.”
See you then. J.W. Kitchener

Nov 23, 2009
“Hi Len, It was good to see you last night at Star of Hope Church in Oshawa. You draw a large crowd !! It was the largest that I have seen there. I guess you now need to update your website…the part about “every position except President ” of East Hamilton Church. Tyanks very much for your interest in booking me. Take Care ! All the best ! “
Congratulations Ron

Setember 13, 2009
Hello Mr. Spicer, My name is D. I got your name fro S.D. from N.S. S. raved about you and the accuracy of your abilities. His testimony of you was fabluolous. Therefore I was hoping to be able to meet with you for some guidance and help. If this possible please either email me back or call me.
I look forward to meeting with you. D. D.D. Kitchener

June 14/09
“Dear Len, I wish to share with you the news that I am moving to S—— in July. I feel it will help my Intuition flow. I also want to thank you, for all that you have taught me. It has been an interesting time in my life. I really feel I was meant to be in Cambridge, so that I could move forward on my path in Spiritualism. You have been such a huge part of my path and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help and guidance. I will never be the same. Len, We could learn a lot from crayons, some are sharp some are pretty some are dull some have weird names and all are of different colours but !! they all fit and exsist very nicely in the same box.”
Love C.B. Cambridge

May 9th 2009
“D” and I asked to talk to you after last Sunday’s service at The First Spiritualist Church of Galt on May3. We asked about “Lorne” who was sick but you wouldn’t have known. You told us Lorne wanted to be with “D”s Mum in spirit and would not be around long only days. He passed to-day 6 days after and he could hear “D” when he spoke to him, you also told us “Lorne” was heavily sedated with morphine and on oxygen. Everything that was personal you told us was correct which helped us cope with the stressful situation. Since you did not brush aside and hurry out we feel we need to thank you.”

With Love D.S. Kitchener

“Dear Leonard, Thank you for the continuing to send healing to my Father. We have all noticed that the persistant cough and phlegm which has struggled with over the past year has reduced. Your healing prayers for my Father & Mother are very much appreciated”

W.M.E. Victoria B.C.

March 23/09
Hi Mr. Spicer, My name is “L” and am wondering if you would be in Durham area any time soon. I was at a service last year and received a message. I was diagnosed with B.C. Nov 2007. The last time I was at one of your services it was in Oshawa. Afterwards I emailed you and told you how wonderful you were and you graciously replied. Hope to hear from you, have a great day. “

Sincerely “L”

May 12, 2009
“Hi I meant to write earlier but I’ve been busy hope your move went well. What I want to say is how much I enjoyed Len’s workshop and also that we had some very positive feedback. I loved the healing meditation it has been the most helpful technique. I just checked to see when you will be at East Hamilton again and I happy to find I will be back. “

Love J.C. East Hamilton Spiritual Church

Nov 1, 2008
Hi Maureen We feel that Len has to be the most learned and competent person. At the seminar all those beginners in his classes know a “Master” when they see one. That’s why they come and it is for them he must hold the light, which is his cross to bear, and I admire that and relate to it. I love the fact Len knows so much about Spiritualism and respect his knowledge. You have our love and support.”

S.H. Ott.

Sept 27, 2008
Dear Len, Thank you so much for the wonderful Mediumship development workshop in Bracebridge. The message you gave me from my sister, as you aid she is around me all the time. I sit in a spiritual development class at Rev. John Larsen’s home. Thank you for the guidance to communicate easier. Thank you again”

S.P. Bracebridge

Feb 18 2008
Hi Len, It was a pleasure hearing you last night at Hope Spiritualist Church. I came in there feeling very sad and lonely and left feeling very refreshed and rejuvenated. I was happy to have received a message and hope to continue on this journey of Spirituality. Thanks for taking the time to speak to me after the service it was greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work.
Sincerely “

“Hi Len Thank you for the lovely reading… You have such a lovely gift…you have such a precisely gifted guide…you should be very proud of yourself… Just wanted you to know that I actually stood up at the front of the church in the last part of Val’s workshop…and actually threw away all my fears…and actually brought in a lovely message from Spirit… Thanks so much for your encouragement… “

L.A.S. Waterloo

“Hi Len, Hey, how are you ? Ireally enjoyed the wokshop on Saturday, and I especially enjoyed tehe self hynosis part.. As I took my notes, I realize that we can empower ourselves more by using that tool. I really enjoyed seeing the footage of “John of God” .. especially since I had prayer earlier this year for God to use my gifts more and to bring me into a greater role..akin to “John of God”. When you put on the footage of “John of God”.. I really felt that it ws a vibrational divine a session with message. I am emailing you to see when I might be able to book a session with you. You are a gifted medium/healer and we are very fortunate to have you as a teacher..do pat yourself on the wings wont you..for your lovely teachings.”

L.A.S. Waterloo

“Hi there Len, I wanted to thank you for allowing me the privilege of joining the group on Tuesday. I had an extraordinary experience and I look forward to the next meeting. I am practicing the exercises and reading up on the subject in bits when I am able. If you have any recommendations for me to better assimilate into the group I am Happy to follow your suggestion. To note my schedule is quite hectic with my work. “

T.S. Guelph

“Len, We would like to thank you for a good workshop at the church on Saturday. In spite of some technical difficulties, the topic was presented very well. My wife would like to thank you specially for the informal reading given her during the break. She would like to ask you if there is any possibility to get a reading fromyou in the closest future. Best Wishes “

J.& M B. London

“Hello Len, Just to let you know the picture arrived this morning at 8am they are very interesting I will be taking them into the church to-morrow night, on Wednesday night a few of the people who were at the service you conducted are asking after you do you remember the man with the charm in his pocket ? he is still telling folk about that, that was the first time in his life he has ever been gobsmacked.”
M. McM Glasgow Scotland

May 27, 2014
Hi Len & Maureen, I will like to thank you for the healing for my son E. He is doing a lot better, but I will like to ask you if you could send him just one more time some healing. How are you both doing? Hope your doing great. I’m still going to Church with my sister Nicole. Connie and I are still missing you. both. Thank you for everything you have done for us all.
Love you both,
G.M. Hamilton